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Firecote Intumescent Sealant


A flexible intumescent sealant supplied in standard cartridge form for the prevention of fire and gas penetration through small service penetrations and internal joints and cracks for up to 4 hours.



Firecote Intumescent Sealant is a one part emulsion acrylic based sealant. It gives a firm yet flexible seal to joints in virtually any fire rated structure. Under a high temperature load it will char and swell up to three time its orginal size resisting the passage of fire for up to four hours.



Firecote Intumescent Sealant is appropriate for sealing joints, voids and irregular holes in fire walls, partitions and other structures, and for maintaining their integrity when sealing around pipes and cables that penetrate them. It can also be used for internal perimeter pointing of fire rated door and window frames.


Product approvals

Tested following the principles of BS 476 Parts 20 and 22 (1987) Loss Prevention Council report No TE82044 and SGS Yarsley Report No J85163/6.


Product benefits
  • Fire rated for up to four hours in both horizontal and vertical joints.
  • No priming required for most construction substrata.
  • Joint movement capability of ± 20%.
  • Usable in joints up to 25mm wide.
  • Halogen free.
  • Non slump, easy to apply and finish.
  • Fast cure tack free in 15 minutes.
  • Can be painted over.



The sealant is extruded from a cartridge loaded into a standard cartridge gun.



Firecote Intumescent Sealant is supplied in 310ml cartridges, 25 to a box. The standard colour is white but other colours are available on request. Can be supplied direct to contractors who will install in accordance with Tayfire (International) Ltd. guidelines, or may be installed as part of a supply and install service arranged by Tayfire (International) Ltd.


Firecote Intumescent Sealant Coverage Linear metres per 310ml cartridge for various widths of a 1Omm deep joint.
Width: 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 18mm 20mm 25mm
Lm: 5.2 3.9 3.1 2.6 2.1 1.7 1.5 1.2


Typical properties
slump nil
working time 10min
skin over time 10min
touch dry 15min
cure rate 3mm per day at 23 degrees C, 50% humidity
colour white, other colours available on request
toxic gas emissions nil
joint movement ± 20% original joint size
fire test temperature 1160 degrees C. Intumesces at around 135 degrees C
storage one year in dry conditions at 5 - 30 degrees C
C.O.S.H.H. presents no health hazard during installation
limitations not suitable on substrata bleeding oil, plasticisers or solvents



The sealant must not be applied below an ambient temperature of 5 degrees C.

Ensure all surfaces are clean and dust free. Priming is not normally required but unusual substrata shoud be tested. Insert polyethylene foam backing into the joint to a depth of 1Omm below surface. Gun apply the Firecote Sealant to a smooth, flush finish.

Joint width must be at least 6mm and can be up to 25mm. A 10mm deep single seal will give a fire rating of 2 hours. A dual seal i.e. a single seal on each side of a wall or floor will give 4 hours fire rating.

Single seals should be on the fire rated side of the structure.

Where a neat finish is required use masking tape which should be removed immediately the sealant is smoothed off.



Firecote Intumescent Sealant is manufactured under ISO 9001 "Quality Systems". Fire integrity for up to 4 hours has been fully tested to BS 476: parts 20 and 22: 1987 "Methods of determination of the fire resistance of non loadbearing elements of construction".



Tayfire (International) Ltd. offer a full technical advisory and fire stopping design service.



Further information on a wide range of otherfire protection products is available from the company. These include intumescent coating systems, fire sealants and fire barriers.


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Firecote Intumescent Sealant

Fig 1: Firecote Intumescent Sealant installed around a door frame and pipework through floor penetration.

Firecoat Intumescent Sealant

Fig 2: Firecote Intumescent Sealant dual seal around cables penetrating a wall. Inset detail shows a single seal















































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