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An intumescent expansion joint filler for gaps from 7 to 150mm with a fire integrity of up to 4 hours.



Gap Seal incorporates the very best quality open cell fire resistant foam bonded to a unique high performance graphite intumescent material. Achieves class '0' spread of flame as specified in British Building Regulations. It does not flame but slowly degrades and expands to leave an inert self insulating char.



Gap Seal is designed for ease of installation. A cost effective solution for stopping flexible gaps in fire rated building elements. It can accommodate any gap from 7 to 150mm, even irregular joints. Useful in cable trunking because it allows addition or removal of cables without damaging the seal.


Product approvals

Tested following the principles of BS 476 Parts 20 and 22 (1987).


Product benefits
  • Fire rated for up to four hours in both horizontal and vertical joints.
  • Easy to install.
  • Very flexible.
  • Usable in joints up to 150mm wide.
  • Unaffected by water or moisture.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Lightweight.


Installation as a gap seal

Compress Gap Seal between fingers and push into place. Ensure the foam core recovers and it is flush with the face of the joint. Gap Seal can easily be cut using a sharp knife or a fine toothed hacksaw.


Installation as a trunking seal

Cut Gap Seal to fit tightly into the width of the trunking. Lay the first piece below the cables. Any gaps greater than 6 to 8mm should be filed with small pieces of Gap Seal. Further layers of Gap Seal build up the seal until the trunking height is full. The final top piece should fit tightly to ensure the whole seal is under slight compression.


Fire rating table
Product code Gap Size mm Ratings (hours) Dimensions height x width
LG10/2 5 - 10mm 2 12 x 12mm
LG20/2 10 - 20mm 2 29 x 12mm
LG50/2 20 - 50mm 2 55 x 25mm
LG75/2 50 - 75mm 2 80 x 50mm
LG85/2 75 - 85mm 2 106 x 75mm
LG100/2 85 - 100mm 2 117 x 100mm
LG150/2 100 -150mm 2 170 x 100mm
LG10/4 5 - 10mm 4 12 x 25mm
LG20/4 10 - 20mm 4 29 x 25mm
LG50/4 20 - 50mm 4 56 x 50mm
LG75/4 50 - 75mm 4 80 x 75mm
LG80/4 75 - 80mm 4 100 x 75mm


Typical properties
density 75Kgm3 minimum
FMVSS 302 self extinguishing
BS4735 char length 4 - 5 mm
wicking none
dripping none
colour black
Oxygene 41
storage store in dry conditions at 5 - 30 degrees C
C.O.S.H.H. presents no health hazard during installation
limitations not suitable on substrata bleeding oil, plasticisers or solvents



Gap Seal is supplied in 1 m lengths. Can be supplied direct to contractors who will install in accordance with Tayfire (International) Ltd. guidelines, or may be installed as part of a supply and install service arranged by Tayfire (International) Ltd.



Gap Seal is manufactured under ISO 9001 "Quality Systems" ' Fire integrity for up to 4 hours has been fully tested to BS 476: parts 20 and 22: 1987 "Methods of determination of the fire resistance of non loadbearing elements of construction".



Tayfire (International) Ltd. offer a full technical advisory and fire stopping design service.



Further information on a wide range of otherfire protection products is available from the company. These include intumescent coating systems, fire sealants and fire barriers.


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Fig 1: Gap seal



Fig 2: Sealing cable trays



Fig 3: Gap sealing of blockwork



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