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Fire resistant expanding mortar system for the prevention of fire penetration in openings through compartmentation walls and floors for up to 4 hours.



Firegrout is a one part fire stopping mortar designed to prevent fire penetration and the spread of flue gases and toxic / corrosive vapours. Fire protection of over 4 hours is available if required.

Unlike conventional mortar, Firegrout lightweight mortar expands on curing giving a strong bond with the surrounding structure, a high resistance to impact and water penetration, as well as excellent acoustic properties.

It is particularly suitable for areas subject to loading and will, for example, give structural support to duct damper frames and other services passing through it, eliminating the need for separate mechanical support. Firegrout mortar can also be used for external below ground applications.



Firegrout mortar is a one part mortar which is mixed with water and either pumped or placed by hand.

Firegrout's composition is such that it is easily pierced by mechanical means. This feature facilitates the rearrangement or addition of cables and pipes.



Firegrout mortar is available in two colours: grey or red.



Firegrout mortar is non combustible and water resistant.



Firegrout mortar can be easily installed by hand trowel float or pumping, however application should not beat temperatures below 4 degrees C.

Areas of penetration over 600mm x 600mm are installed on a mineral fibre integral shutter supported by metal construction angles fixed to the perimeter of the penetration and in a grid formation at 600mm centres.



Firegrout mortar is supplied in 20kg sacks.



Firegrout is manufactured under ISO 9001 "Quality Systems" Fire integrity for up to 4 hours has been fully tested to BS 476: parts 20 and 22: 1987 "Methods of determination of the fire resistance of non loadbearing elements of construction".



Tayfire (International) Ltd. offer a full technical advisory and fire stopping design service.



Further information on a wide range of otherfire protection products is available from the company. These include intumescent coating systems, fire sealants and fire barriers.


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Fig 1: Firegrout expanding mortar installed around a multiservice penetration on a temporary shutter. In penetrations over 15Omm in depth the shutter can be integral within the depth of the floor.



Fig 2: Firegrout mortar installed on an integral shutter in a wall penetration.



Fig 3: Firegrout mortar supporting a duct fire damper installed on a temporary shutter.





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