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Firecote Varnish / Firecote Woodgard




The Firecote Varnish and Firecote Woodgard systems provide a clear or a coloured intumescent fire protection for wood and wood based materials.



The products have been tested to provide Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame, Class 0 Fire Propagation and in some cases Half Hour Fire Resistance, in accordance with BS476 parts 5, 6, 7 & 21 (1987)


Areas of use

Softwood, Hardwood, Natural Veneers, Plywood, Chipboard, Hardboard, MDF, etc.


Typical application

New Work and refurbishment projects in Public Buildings, Schools, Offices, Shopping Centres, Housing, Leisure Complexes, etc.


Specific applications

Include the upgrading of internal surfaces of log built structures.


Limitations of use

Firecote Varnish is less suitable where surfaces are exposed to mechanical damage stress and not suitable for outdoor use or wet areas.

Firecote Woodgard is more robust than Firecote Varnish System and has good resistance to mechanical damage stress. However, it is not suitable for use on exposed external surfaces or in wet areas. E.g. Surfaces which come in contact with water.


Exposure to heat and sunlight

Discolouration or blistering of the Firecote Varnish System may result from exposure of coated timber to excessively strong direct sunlight, hot surfaces above 60 degrees C e.g. Timber adjacent to windows or radiators.




Firecote Varnish
Firecote Woodgard
Base Coat:   Base Coat:  
Class 1 200gms/M2 Class 1 from 325gms/M2
Class 0 400gms/M2 Class 0 from 325gms/M2
Half Hour 600gms/M2 Half Hour 630gms/M2
Density 1.37g/cc Density 1.31 g/cc
Top Coat:   Top Coat:  
Clear Satin, Matt 80gms/M2 Coloured (BS4800)
+ Ral Colours
Density 1.0g/cc Density 1.31g/cc





Remove all existing paints, varnishes etc.


Firecote Varnish

To achieve 20 minutes integrity apply two coats of Firecote Varnish to the whole door and apply a third coat to the panelled area to a total loading of 600gms/M2 and followed with one coat of clear varnish.


Firecote Woodgard

To achieve 20 minutes integrity apply two coats of Firecote Woodgard to the whole door and apply a third coat to the panelled area to a total loading of 630gms/M2 and followed with one coat of gloss paint.




Surface preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, oil, wax, grease etc.

For preparation of surfaces other than untreated timber, contact our Technical Department.


Timber for staining

The recommended stains for pre treatment of timber surfaces to be overcoated with Firecote Varnish are Sikkens and Saddolins Stains. DO NOT USE WATER REPELLENT STAINS.

For other manufacturers products a small area should be tested for compatibility. Stains should be allowed to dry for 3 to 7 days before the Firecote treatment is applied.

Impregnated timber

Surfaces impregnated with factory flame retardant salts normally require a prior application of Firecote Interface Primer.


Resinous timber

Should be washed down with white spirit or methylated spirit to neutralise resins.


Highly absorbent surfaces

Should be pre treated with Firecote Interface Primer thinned down with 30% water.


Painted or varnished surfaces

Surfaces in good condition should be thoroughly abraded. Those treated with an acid resistant coatings, e.g. emulsion paints containing lime or chalk, on should have the coatings completely removed. Polyurthane coatings and wallboards with imitation veneers may have long term adhesion problems and Firecote Interface Primer should be used.

Firecote Interface Primer is a transparent PVC based sealer/primer.



The application certificate supplied by TayFire on the initial purchase of the material should be kept on record by the Building Manager.

TayFire (International) Ltd recommend that surfaces treated with Firecote Varnish and Firecote Woodgard should be re treated after a period of around 5 - 7 years. Re coating may also be required at an earlier stage if the surface is subjected to mechanical or water damage.

Please contact our Technical Department for further advice.


Methods of application

Brush, paint roller or airless spray.

By brush or roller the material should be "laid" on and not brushed out. Excessive brushing tends to make the product more difficult to work with.

By airless spray the recommended equipment is the Graco King with a minimum pump ratio of 45: 1. Air pressure at tip 3000 PSI. Air Hose diameter 3/8". Tip size 11 - 17 thou.


General notes

The material should be applied in temperatures + 10 degrees C with a relative humidity not exceeding 75%. To facilitate drying electric heaters and/or dehumidifiers should be used. When the Firecote Varnish gets cold during the winter months, it can be warmed up by standing the containers in hot water which should ease application. Do not overheat the product.


Container sizes
Firecote Varnish & Firecote Woodgard 25kgs, 12.5 kgs, 5kgs, 2.5kgs.
Firecote Varnish Top coat 10 Litres, 5 Litres, 2.5 Litres.


Cleaning of application equipment
Base Coats Warm Water with a small amount 2% - 5% acetic acid or vinegar.
Top Coat Clear Xylene Thinners.
Top Coat Coloured Water


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