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Firecollar & Firewrap


Quick and effective fire protection for plastic pipe and trunking penetrations through fire rated compartments.



Suitable equally for wall and floor penetrations. Recommended for plastic pipes and plastic trunking up to 160mm diameter.

Firecollar is a steel encased intumescent strip capable of withstanding mechanical damage. Its high visibility helps to confirm that the penetration is protected. However if access is restricted Firewrap can be fitted within the floor or wall and sealed with Omnifire Firegrout or mortar.


Installation of Fire collar

Firecollar is opened by removing the sliding clip fastening. It can then be offered around the pipe. The clip is replaced, the assembly slid into place and 6mm anchor studs through the fixing lugs secure the collar to the wall or floor slab.


  • easy to install
  • can be retrofitted
  • 2 hour fire rating
  • manufactured in range of sizes
  • suitable for hollow partitions
  • high quality white finish (Firewall)
  • maintenance free


Pipe diameter Collar O/D Collar Depth
55mm 85mm 56mm
80mm 112mm 56mm
110mm 145mm 56mm
160mm 200mm 56m


Installation of Firewrap

Contained within a foil. The approprite size of Firewrap is secured around a pipe with a self adhesive tab and pushed within the depth of the wall or floor. The seal is completed using Firegrout or mortar.



Tested following the principles of BS 476 Part 20 1987. Warrington Test Report No: R11043



Tayfire (International) Ltd. offer a full technical advisory and fire stopping design service.



Further information on a wide range of otherfire protection products is available from the company. These include intumescent coating systems, fire sealants and fire barriers.


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Fig 1: Firecollar for a robust solution



Fig 2: Firewrap for ares of limited space



Fig 3: Firecollar in floor penetration



Fig 4: Firewrap in difficult access areas


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