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Fire Rated Expanding Foam



Alfas Bond FR is a one component polyurethane (PU) foam which expands to fill and seal gaps.
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The product cures quickly through the absorption of moisture from the atmosphere and has excellent adhesive properties.
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Once set, Alfas Bond FR forms a strong bond to most building materials such as wood, brick, stone, cement, plaster, polystyrene, metals and many plastics.
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Alfas Bond FR acts as a primary fire seal in accordance with BS 476 Part 20 (up to 5 hours - see table of test results) and meets Class B1 of DIN 4102 Part 1. Fire rating performance is markedly enhanced when used in conjunction with Alfasil FR, FR-2 or Alfacryl FR .
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The cured foam has a substantially closed cell structure throughout. It hardens to a semi-rigid form which is both firm and yielding (approximate movement accommodation +/- 5%).
Alfas Bond FR is available in two types; an In-Situ grade (dispensed via a plastic nozzle) and a Gun Grade (for use with the Alfas Bond Application Gun).
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A dual-purpose solvent and spray cleaner is available for cleaning the guns and ancillary equipment (details available upon request). The propellants used are CFC and (H)CFC free and have a zero ozone depletion potential.
No special surface preparation is required. but surfaces
in contact with the product must be clean of loose matter, grease or oils. Alfas Bond FR will not adhere to Teflon, polythene or silicone coated surfaces. Loose components may need to be clamped or secured in position at least until the foam sets. Surrounding surfaces should be suitably masked and protective clothing worn.
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The canister must be well shaken to thoroughly mix the contents and must be inverted during use.
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The Gun Grade allows greater control on application and permits the storage (for short periods of time) of partially used canisters. Care should be taken upon application to allow for expansion of the foam during curing. Where gaps deeper than 50mm are to be filled, the Alfas Bond FR must be applied in layers allowing each to cure properly.
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Within the first few minutes of application, splashes of material may be removed from unwanted (non-porous) surfaces using a suitable solvent. However, care should be taken to ensure that the solvent used will not stain or attack the surfaces onto which it is being applied. The yield and rate of cure will vary according to temperature and humidity. Curing will be assisted by wetting the contact surfaces immediately prior to application.
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Once fully cured, Alfas Bond FR can only be removed by mechanical means. Excess material may be trimmed off using a sharp knife or sanded down. The cured foam is not resistant to UV light and should be protected where necessary using Alfasil FR, FR-2, Alfacryl FR or a suitable fire rated paint.
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Technical Data Sheets are available upon request and should be carefully observed.












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