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FIRE PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS_____________________________

The fire performance of wood can be improved through the use of fire retardant

coatings. The amount of improvement is determined by the effectiveness of the

treatment. Norges branntekniske laboratorium has tested spray applied Firecote X

to the latest European standard EN 13823:2002 – this is also referred to as the

Single Burning Item test.

Firecote X fire retardant wood coatings when properly applied, are effective in

improving fire performance characteristics.

We can now offer you a completely water based fire protection system for internal 

or external pine timber, which is:

  • Easy to Apply.

  • Non Toxic.

  • Low Odour.

  • Can be used internally or externally.

  • No need to overcoat if used internally except in areas of high humidity i..e kitchens

          and bathrooms.

  • Overcoat using a compatible water based internal or external paint or varnish.


         Ideal for use in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, swimming pools and

         public buildings etc.


Firecote X wood coatings have excellent performance characteristics when used

either internally or externally. When using Firecote X as a spray applied material

externally, it may be desirable to overcoat  with a sealer if used in areas of very

high humidity.

Treatment with Firecote X coatings will in some cases leave a white slightly shiny

layer bordering the area that has been treated. This layer is ordinary salts that

have crystallized and leached out. The layer may first appear after a certain

period of time, because the salts require time and oxygen for the crystallization

process to take place. If the product surface area is saturated with the coating

then this surface salt formation can occur. Closed pore surfaces create a material

build-up as well, because of the decreased absorbtion rate. When this occurs,

the surface area build up may be removed with a wet sponge or cloth.

STRENGTH AND DETERIORATION___________________________________

Firecote X is non-toxic and does not deteriorate the coated materials or their



Firecote X is low in hydroscopicity and is not vulnerable to absorbing moisture. It

does not cause premature degradation and simultaneous strength loss at

elevated temperatures e.g. greater than 66° C and humidities


The reactive toxicity of the total products of combustion of Firecote X coated

materials is very low.


WOOD COMPOSITION: Wood consists primarily of carbon, hydrogen and

oxygen.. with lesser percentages of nitrogen and other elements, but it contains no sulphur which is often present in other fuels. Cellulose is the major component

of wood.

BURN CHARACTERISTICS: Wood (cellulose) normally does not burn directly.

The initial reaction to high heat exposure is pyrolysis (chemical decomposition by

heat) in which some of the products given off are gases, vapours or mists, that

can form flammable mixtures with air. On ignition, the combustion of these

products is evidenced by visible flames. The solid residues include charcoal,

which can undergo a different form of combustion, by combining directly with oxygen, as evidenced by glowing. This is an important distinction, since many chemicals that are effective flame inhibitors, have little or no effect in retarding

flameless combustion or after-glow. For most applications flame retardence is

more important , but there are some instances where glow resistance is equally

necessary – Firecote X is the answer.

CHEMICAL BURNING SEQUENCE____________________________________

UNTREATED CELLULOSE:  breaks down into liquids and a smaller amount of solids.

The liquids in turn break down into flammable gases and a little char, and the

solids decompose into char and gases, some of which are flammable, and some

not. The flammable gases given off by the liquids, combine with those from the

solids to cause flaming and the emission of additional heat which continues the


TREATED CELLULOSE: with treated Cellulose, fewer liquids and more solids

are formed, and more of the solids become char. The reduced amount of liquids creates some char and some flammable gases Because of the amount of flammable

gases from both the liquid and solid phases is now significantly less

with Cellulose treated with Firecote X  there is less heat released. Therefore, flame

retardance or a reduced burning rate is achieved.

COVERAGE ____________________________________________________

Coverage achieved will depend upon the applicators expertise. However, as a

guide expect to cover 5 m2/litre when using low-pressure spray equipment.

Firecote X should be applied in three mist coats.

INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING                 EN 13823:2002 Single Burning Item


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